Easter, a fun filled family holiday. Here are a few fun facts about
Easter and a some ideas for an eggcellent Easter weekend!
Each year the date of Easter weekend changes based on the lunar calendar
and the position of the moon. Easter weekend is celebrated on the Sunday
after the full moon that falls after March 21st.
Traditionally a Christian holiday, Easter marks the crucifixion of Jesus
Christ on Good Friday and His subsequent resurrection on Easter Sunday.
Easter eggs are a common gift for celebrating Easter for many people,
whether they are religious or not. In this country we are most familiar
with chocolate eggs, but traditions vary around the world. In fact, the
giving of eggs as a symbol of new life dates back even as far as the
ancient Egyptians and Persians, when it was common to give painted eggs.
The tradition of the Easter Bunny first originated in Germany and moved
to America in the 1700’s. Now many children all over the world wait
excitedly to see what treats the Easter Bunny may bring over Easter
A great way to spend your Easter holidays is with a traditional Easter
Egg Hunt. There are many run locally, but it is always fun to create a
DIY egg hunt at home.
Has the weather taken a turn for the worse? No need to panic, you can
always do your Easter Egg Hunt indoors.
Key things to remember if you are organising your own DIY hunt:
Rather than hiding chocolate, it’s much better to hide clues or create a
trail of questions. Hidden chocolate could be missed or forgotten and
could be harmful to pets or wildlife.
Make sure your clues or questions are suitable for the age of children
taking part – ideas for younger children can include a challenge, such
as your best bunny hop!
Always make sure you clear up any clues, or dummy eggs you may have
hidden, after your hunt is finished.
It’s important to have a clear start and finish point – balloons are a
great way to mark this and where clues may be hidden.
And don’t forget a prize for everyone taking part!
One key thing we’re all looking forward to this Easter is eating an
excessive amount of chocolate. According to Cadbury’s, every year over
80 million boxed chocolate shell eggs are sold in this country, so you
can definitely justify eating at least 2 eggs!
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Happy Celebrating!