At Celebrate we are committed to reducing our impact on the planet. We have many ongoing projects that we are working on both as an individual business and as an industry.

We recognise that we need to manage our customers’ expectations with regard to the environment, and are happy speak with customers about our environmental standards.

All latex balloons we sell are biodegradable. Latex is harvested from the sap of rubber trees, is 100% natural and can be composted.

We use Qualatex latex balloons which are made from rubber trees located in plantations that are Rainforest Alliance Certified™.


We are members of PEBA – the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance. PEBA assists members to educate their clients, venue managers and the public in the responsible use and correct disposal of balloons through “Don’t Let it Go, Pin it & Bin it!” campaigns.

Being a member also means we do NOT support, condone or facilitate the organised release of balloons.

Anti Balloon Release Campaign:

We are joining forces with all fellow trade associations in order to raise awareness and support the industry wide movement to ban balloon releases. Please see below many steps we are taking to support the movement to prevent balloon releases.

As a company, we are against balloon releases and therefore do not sell balloon release equipment.

Aimee, Celebrate’s Company Director, is even on the committee for the UK branch of PEBA!

Common Misconceptions:

Much misinformation exists regarding balloon pollution. The European Balloon & Party Council are working hard to ensure the correct factual information is reaching the general public.


We advise our customers on how to dispose of used balloons and are happy to take back used balloons for responsible disposal.

Balloon gas is a recycled resource when used by our industry!


Did you know you can put latex balloons in your compost? Check out more at all of these websites:

Auckland Council – 8 surprising things you can compost

Nationswell – 71 items you can put in compost

Earth 911 – 15 surprisingly compostable items

Compact Appliance – Compost items

Our Suppliers:

We have spoken with our suppliers and have asked for them to consider ways in which they can reduce excess waste. They have stated they are looking into various ways in which they can reduce their impact and we will continue to follow up with them regularly.

What else we are doing:

  • We have implemented a system to ensure we recycle all spent batteries used in our work.
  • All team members have re-usable water bottles and coffee cups to use when at work
  • We have a recycling point for customers to drop in their old balloon weights
  • We recycle all paper and cardboard waste




Find out more about what PEBA’s stance is on responsible balloon practices here.

Find out more about what BAPIA’s stance is on responsible balloon practices here.