Outdoor Decor

We create balloon decor for all occasions both indoors and outdoors. However, weather conditions can be completely out of our control and we want to give you some key information about any outdoor decor you may have booked or be considering booking.

  • Balloons are fallible and are extremely sensitive to changing or extreme weather conditions.
  • We always recommend your balloons are kept at room temperature as the heat can cause them to pop and cold can cause them to shrink or shrivel.
  • Therefore we would not recommend placing balloons in direct sunlight or outside in extreme temperatures. We would always recommend they are used in a shaded area.
  • We take our environmental awareness extremely seriously and we do not recommend using helium balloons outside where possible. When any balloon decor is created for outdoor use (and also for indoor) all our balloons are weighted and secured to prevent (to the best of our ability) any release into the atmosphere.
  • Outdoor decor (where advised it will be used outside) will be weighted or attached to poles and bases suitable for outdoor use
  • Please note we advise caution and to avoid bushes and brick walls to ensure no balloons are burst.
  • Please note (as for indoor decor) never leave children unattended with balloons – they and their accessories are a choking hazard.
  • Never inhale helium (if used, as for indoor decor). It is dangerous and can have serious negative affects to health.
  • Extreme winds may make it unsafe to pursue any outdoor decor. We will endeavour to advise you based on weather reports in advance but we accept no responsibility for this. In a situation where weather conditions make it unsafe to complete your decor we will create this as an indoor alternative for you where possible.
  • We ask that you join us in our environmental responsibility and dispose of decor appropriately. Please ensure you PIN IT and BIN IT and most importantly NEVER release balloons, they always return to earth causing litter.
  • We do not guarantee (we offer a 3 day guarantee on all our other balloon decor) decor used or placed outside. We will endeavour to create and position your decor to ensure it has the best chance possible when facing outdoor weather conditions.
  • Please note some of our outdoor decor may require additional fixings either into grass areas or by being additionally secured to fixtures and fittings. Please note our crew is highly trained and will endeavour to do this in a sensible manor and will confirm all additional fixings used.